Tour of Israel

Golden Gate

The sealed Golden Gate, with remnants of the Muslim cemetery that extend down towards the Kidron Valley.


The Golden Gate  (c) Goehner


Western (Wailing) Wall

Jews come from all over the world to pray at the Western Wall. It is the remaining wall of the Second Temple, which was destroyed in AD 70.


Wailing Wall  (c) Goehner


Dome of the Rock

The Dome of the Rock Mosque is where the Muslims believe that Muhammad rose to heaven. The Jews believe it is the place where Abraham went to sacrifice Isaac.

  Dome of the Rock  (c) Goehner

Old City Street

A narrow street by the Damascus Gate, bustling with buyers and sellers and passersby.

In the foreground is flat bread, a staple in the Israeli diet.

  Old City Street  (c) Goehner

An Old Synagogue

The remains of an old Jewish synagogue in the midst of the Old City.

  Old Synagogue  (c) Goehner

Old City Wall

A corner of the Old City of Jerusalem Wall. The variety of different stones show the history of destruction and rebuilding through the ages.

  Corner Jerusalem Wall  (c) Goehner