Christ's Life

  Tour of Israel

The Jordan River

Christ was baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River. (John 1:29-34)

Presently the Jordan River is only about a tenth the volume that it was in Christ's day. It flows from Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and most of the water from the lake is diverted to the rest of Israel for drinking water and irrigation.


Jordan River  (c) Goehner


Sea of Galilee (Kinneret)

The Sea of Galilee, also known as Gennesaret or Tiberias, is where Christ walked on the water, calmed the storm & met many of his disciples. ( Mark 3:35-41)

This photo was taken during a boat ride. I am afraid that if this was the only picture I had taken of my trip, people from home would have said I had only gone up to Lake Chelan in Eastern Washington and taken a photo. Even another person who works at Boeing who I met on the boat ride agreed that it was a Lake Chelan or Columbia River scene look-alike.


Gennesaret  (c) Goehner


Capernaum Synagogue

Christ spent a great deal of time in and around the Capernaum synagogue. He healed several people here and the crowds were amazed at his teaching, since he spoke with authority. (Luke 4:31-37)

These are the remains of a synagogue that was built on the foundation of the synagogue that was in existence during Christ's time.

  Capernaum Synagogue (c) Goehner

Five Loaves and Two Fish

Tradition has it that this was the location, right near the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus took the young lad's lunch and feed five thousand. (John 6:1-14)

The gray rock, directly under the table within this church, is the makeshift table where Christ is said to have performed the miracle.

  Fish and Loaves spot  (c) Goehner

Triumphal Entry in Jerusalem

Christ came into Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives with the people waving branches and shouting, "Hosanna!" He then wept as he looked over the city, foreseeing the problems that faced it and the destruction that would come upon it. (Luke 19:28-44)

  Olivet Weeping (c) Goehner