Herford, Germany 1996 & 1997.


Christmas in Germany is not a unique experience for me. I have spent four Christmases with my relatives. There is really nothing quite like a German Christmas. So many of our American traditions originated in Germany, so it is great to see the many German holiday traditions firsthand.

A Candle on a Christmas Tree  (JPEG)The Lighting of the Candles at Christmas Eve Service in Herford

The live, lit candles on the German Christmas tree are super, both at home and in the churches

Torte at Tiemann's Place

Food is certainly a highlight when one visits with friends and family

Hiddenhausen Church  (JPEG)Kids singing at Christmas Eve Service  (JPEG)

Church services and Advent programs bring the festive spirit to the holidays

Wolfenstein Town Center  (JPEG)Wewelsburg Castle [The Nazi's hoped-for center of the world]

Wolfsburg at Christmastime and Wewelsburg Castle

Windmill  (JPEG)

A windmill from the time of Fredrick the Great

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