Seiffen, Germany.

In the Erzgebirge Mountains

The Erzgebirge Region is world-famous for its wooden figurine handicraftsmen. It is known as "German Christmasland." Nutcrackers, Christmas Pyramids, Window Lights and other hand-made wooden items are crafted with unparalleled workmanship. We visited Seiffen just after New Years, so every town square, every window in homes and businesses were still bedecked with white lights, nutcrackers, Christmas pyramids, etc.

Seiffener Kirche  (JPEG)

The church in Seiffen. Note that the shape is like a pyramid, perhaps inspiring the wooden Christmas pyramids.


Pyramid at night  (JPEG)   Schwibbogen  (JPEG)

A Christmas Pyramid in a town Square and a "Schwibbogen" in front of a house

Nutcrackers in process  (JPEG)   Pyramid Soldiers  (JPEG)

Nutcrackers in the phases of production and wooden solders in a pyramid outside a business

My Pyramid  (JPEG)

The pyramid I bought at Seiffener Pyramidenhaus being packed up for transport

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