Golan Heights
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Golan Heights Lookout

The Golan Heights has been an Israeli occupied area of Syria since the Six-Day War of 1967. Up to that time, Syria had launched attacks on towns and villages in Israel near the Sea of Galilee from the high vantage point. Syria attempted to regain the control of the Golan Heights during a surprise attack with Egypt's help in 1973. Although Israel suffered heavy casualties, the Arab forces were defeated during the Yom Kippur War.


Golan Fence  (c) Goehner


Golan Bunker

Bunkers line the hilltops on the Golan Heights. They provide excellent views of the Galilee Region of Israel.


Golan Bunker  (c) Goehner


Golan Trenches

Anti-tank trenches snake throughout the Golan Heights. During the Yom Kippur War, tanks played an important part in regaining the territory after the surprise attack.


Banana Plantations

The Galilee, Jezreel and Coastline areas are excellent for agricultural. These bananas were growing right behind my friends' place. Behind you can see the hills of Mt. Carmel.


My Israeli Friends

My time in Israel was made superb by the friends who hosted me and arranged for the trip. Not only did we have a good working relationship, we also had a super time of laughing and fellowshipping together. Their hospitality and wonderful knowledge of the Land they love made the trip something I will never forget.

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A final look over the Mediterranean Sea at dusk.