Haifa Area

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Haifa Bay

A wonderful place for swimming and relaxing on the Mediterranean Sea.


Haifa Bay  (c) Goehner



Caesarea is an ancient seaport town on the coast of Samaria. It was founded about 22 BC by the Judean king, Herod the Great, and named in honour of the Roman emperor Augustus.


Caesarea  (c) Goehner


Elijah's Church

A Catholic church was built over the cave where the Prophet Elijah was said to have lived during his time of hiding. This is on Mt. Carmel, which is actually more like a series of hills and mountains.

  Elijah's church  (c) Goehner

Church Dome

The large, beautifully painted dome arches over the church built over Elijah's grotto. The church is also a place for pilgrims to gather, so there is a monastery attached as well.

  Elijah's Dome  (c) Goehner


These fishermen are attempting to get the evening catch on the Sea of Galilee.

  Fishermen  (c) Goehner